Living Istanbul to the fullest But in a Istanbulite Way
5 Kasım 2014
15 paylaşım
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Served as a capital of three great empires; Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman throughout the history, Istanbul offers a curious mixture of cultural experiences and never fails to surprise those who want to live it; not just living in it.  Once you visit this ancient center, it is hard to look at it as a holiday destination. Visit well-known bazaars and see architectural masterpieces and shop in authentic stores; your desire to know more won’t be coming an end, rather it will deepen to a point of constant curiosity. You simply never run out of things to do.  You’ve already experienced what travel publications presented to you; let’s see what Istanbulite enjoy best here; 
Breathing in the fresh air at Camlica Hill, one of the highest hills of the city, and eating your meal alongside the amazing scenery. 

Making breakfast with inseparable simit - tea - cheese combination wherever it is possible. 

Taking the Bosphorus boat tour and watching historic waterside mansions.

Taking a sip from your drink in Kuledebar. Place is located in one of the most beautiful symbols of Istanbul; Maiden’s Tower

Watching the sunrise from Galata Tower

Visiting Grand Hotel De Londres to simply find peace at the terrace. 

Discovering the glory of Pera Palace Hotel, meeting spot of Orient Express passengers in the past. 

Sitting on the shore next to the Galata Bridge and eating balık-ekmek, meaning grilled fish stuffed inside a large piece of bread.

Breathing in the smell of freshly roasted coffee of Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi in the Spice Bazaar. 

Feeding the seagulls with simit. 

Digging in the Used-Book Bazaar and exploring new books. 

Getting a traditional massage in Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamam.

Tasting the most delicious profiterole of the whole world in İnci Profiterol

Coming across street cats in every corner. 

Walking by the Topkapı Palace where Ottoman Sultans once lived. 

Visiting Dolmabahçe Palace and sitting in its café right after. 

Making a vow in Greek Orthodox Patriarchate.  

Exploring Istanbul in Seabird Flying Boat

Taking a souvenir photo in Haydarpaşa Railway Terminal

Sitting in Sensus to try some excellent cheese with wine. 

Having an artsy day in Istanbul Modern and enjoying yourself in its café alongside the sea view. 

Visiting Pera Museum to see The Tortoie Trainer, famous painting by Osman Hamdi bey. 

Getting lost in the crowd of Istiklal Avenue and shopping in Terkos Passage. 

Researching the story behind the Camonda Stairs at Karaköy and taken a souvenir photo. 

Buying Kızlı Sardalya-famous canned sardines- in Beyoğlu Fish Market.  

Eating the delicious baklawa of Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Day dreaming among the old posters, cards, books and journals in Aslıhan Passage

Going to Spice Bazaar to buy fresh spices of  Kalmaz Baharat.

Finding unique antiques in Horhor Market.

Taking a phaeton tour in Büyükada

Enjoying traditional cuisine in Çiya Sofrası

Eating Turkish Delight in Ali Muhittin Hacıbekir and buying some rock candy to take home with you. 

Feeling the breeze on your skin in Historic Moda Port

Drinking coffee in Mandabatmaz

Reminiscing the old days with your friends in Grand Tarabya Hotel

Participating to the ceremony of St. Anthony of Padua Church in the Christmas Eve. 

Being amazed by the head of Medusa exhibited in Basilica Cistern

Eating kup griye in Baylan Patisserie

Having a great Sunday at the Borusan Contemporary Museum - “Haunted House”

Enjoying a day alone in Balat by taking lots of photos and reading in a cozy café.

Taking rowing courses in Haliç.

Enjoying your toast and fresh orange juice on the Sütlüce-Üsküdar Ferryboat

Seeing Istanbul in 360 degrees at the observation terrace of Sapphire

Feeding ducks among the colorful trees of Atatürk Arboretum

Seeing The Alexander Sarcophagus for the first time, the most important artifact in the Istanbul Archaelogical Museums

Having a wonderful breakfast in Karaköy

Watching nostalgic movies in Beyoğlu Yeşilçam Theater

Eating wet burgers in Bambi Buffet.

Playing backgammon in Hazzopulo Passage and checking out the stores selling  custom design handbags.