Top 20 Winter Clubbing Venue In Istanbul

Istanbul offers a world-class nightlife with an abundance of clubs to choose from. 
There is an ever-growing portfolio of clubs and a wide range of atmosphere to suit every taste from gypsy haunts to swankiest bars.  Throughout the year lots of fun awaits you. In the summer, nightlife moves outdoors and glamorous top summer spots such as Suada, Reina, 360, Sortie and Anjelique shine out. They have spectacular views of the city and the Bosphorus. Bars also open their gardens and terraces in popular summer locations ie. Ortaköy, Bosphorus, and Kuruçeşme. 

But in the winter when the city cools down and nightlife moves indoors, İstiklal and Nişantaşı heat up.  Even though there are a few late night bars in Baghdat Street and Moda on the Asian side, in order to enjoy the nightlife to the full you have to be in the European side.  They are varied and seasonal but you won’t go wrong with the 15 of the best nightclubs we picked for you. 

1.Cahide Harikalar Diyarı 

You enter Cahide through a keyhole just like Alice entering the Wonderland. And once inside, the atmosphere here captivates you. Giant rabbits, playing cards, swings and all kind of wonderland inspired objects… As the night heats up it is all good fun. 

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2. Arabesque

Located in Maçka, Arabesque is known as a neo-Lebanese restaurant, walls are covered with graffiti, cuisine is Middle Eastern, and after the dinner fabulous belly dancing performances are awaiting you. 

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3. Babylon 

Babylon is one of the most popular music venues, hosting great parties, local and international bands, top names ranging from jazz, reggae, electronica, latin, pop and rock spectrum. 

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Located right in the middle of Beyoğlu, Indigo is the home of Istanbul’s electro scene and attracts hundreds of electronic music lovers every weekend. Technical equipment and its wide stage allow best international electronica DJs take stage here. Nightclub is open from 22.30 to 5.00 on Fridays and Saturdays and very crowded at the weekends. 

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Kasette hosts underground names from Berlin and local DJs, always full and open until late hours. Cause lots of foreigners hang out here it is more of an international club. 

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As the meaning of its name suggests, this venue is very small yet hosts the best dance parties in town and the advantage is you can meet new people easily.  It attracts a crowd who all seem to know each other. Innercity hipsters arrive late so we recommend you to go here after 1 am.  

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Very unique and stylish in the ever-growing neighborhood of Karaköy, Gaspar is a two-floored venue decorated with multi-colored wooden panels. High quality dinner is served here. A Dj is playing house music after dinner and there is a plenty of space to dance for night lovers. 

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If you are an electro-music lover, Machine is one of the best options among electronic dance music nightclubs. DJs perform inside an iron cage. Between midnight and 2 am entrance is free.  Party goes on until the wee hours and it doesn’t require any reservations before. 


Located at the heart of Nevizade, street of bars and meyhanes, Peyote has three floors for different stages of the night. Ground floor hosts regular electronica, second floor plays a range of Turkish rock and alternative music.  And a great view can be enjoyed at the roof terrace throughout the year. 

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Araf is one of the favorite nightlife spots of Erasmus exchange students, Turkish students and Istanbul’s expat community due to its cozy and welcoming atmosphere, quality music and cheap drinks. Named after the imaginary place between Heaven and Hell, Araf in real world is located in the Nevizade Street of Beyoğlu. Turkish Gypsy musician Selim Sesler and his band play on Tuesdays. Weekends are for world music chosen by Araf DJs.

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11.Nomads Istanbul 

Right across the street of Club Reina, Nomads Istanbul is ideally located in Ortaköy. Restaurant serving Arabian and Moroccan delicacies turns into a nightclub at the late hours. Decorated like an Arabic house, venue is very authentic and luxurious.  Modern Arabian music mixed with west tunes and belly-dancing performances will amuse you.  

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12. Off Pera 

Off Pera, situated in Asmalımescit district, is a great alternative for those who like pop music and dancing. DJs play on a balcony over the bar and the dance floor overflows with multi-aged crowd. This club promises real fun but it has a modest space and you need to head out before it gets crowded. 

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13. Propaganda 

Situated in historic Suriye Pasajı, venue serves as a restaurant/club and quite promising in both of them.  When the tables move out from the ground and area turned into a dance floor, leading local and international DJs make sure you are having a great time. Interiors designed Spanish architect David has an industrial atmosphere, complete the overall experience. You will be hooked both day and night.

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Opened in 1999 in Kadife Street of Kadıköy, also known as Barlar Sokagi, Arkaoda has a very cozy atmosphere with its home-like decoration. Dim lighting, velvet armchairs and old school radio consoles… Great place to chill out and enjoy the underground tunes. Also don’t miss out local DJ performances, concept parties and concerts in Arkaoda. 

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15. Unter
Right at the corner of Karaköy Turkish Orthodox Mary Main Church, Unter will definitely attract your attention with its three-story authentic building. Each floor has its own atmosphere but if you are ready to dance you ground floor is just for you. Hip Hip and House beats form various DJs will jazz up your Friday and Saturday nights. 

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16. Münferit
Famous for its style known as the modern Turkish meyhane, Münferit is the right address in Beyoğlu for those who want to drink rakı and stay late after the nighttime entertainment begins.  

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17. NaN Şişhane

Café, restaurant, bar and club; you can stay in all day long in NaN Şişhane located right across from the Şişhane subway stop.  During the day it is a chic café. In the evening it provides a great atmosphere to drink your wine and enjoy the conversation with your friends. Later on you can dance until the morning hours. 

18. Jash İstanbul
Housed in an old building in Cihangir, Jash İstanbul will envelop you in warm with its classical home-style design and antique objects used in the decoration of interiors. Meaning food in Armenian, the name of the venue reflects their philosophy; Armenian, Greek, Ottoman, Circassian and Italian cuisines are harmonized here. In cold winter nights you can enjoy a great meal with your friends and with traditional Turkish “fasil” music. 

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19. The Agency Wine Bar

150 of high quality wines are served in The Agency Wine Bar. Very attractive already. Right at the entrance of Levent Business Towers, venue attracts attention with its crowd. Guests are getting surprised with various discounts everyday between 6 pm and 8 pm; which makes them come back here more often. Venue also hosts live music performances, recommend you not to miss!

20.  Baylo Bistro & Bar

Baylo is one of the favorite venues of Şişhane and has a very relaxing, elegant atmosphere. You can enjoy your drink accompanied by great DJ music on Tuesday-Friday and Saturday nights until 2 am. Baylo’s also offers a very pleasant menu. 

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