Antakya Restaurant

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Mimar Hayrettin Mah Divan-i Ali Sok. No:16 Fatih, İstanbul


    Nice place. hummus is great, shrimp casserole and turkish manti as well. also, kunefe for dessert is a must. 6 yıl önce
    Eggplant with yogurt turned sweet once mixed together. very nice and moorish. 6 yıl önce
    Pasha kebab. just right amount spices in the meat and cooked perfectly still moist. delicious wrapped up in bread. one of the best ı have had in 1 month in turkeys 6 yıl önce
    Salt chicken is highly recommended. and the staff here are super friendly. a must try! 6 yıl önce
    Offering your, our special turkish coffee after your meal. 6 yıl önce
    Good service and tasty food. great! 6 yıl önce
    Muy buena calidad. precios normales. no es barato, pero tampoco caro. 6 yıl önce
    Excelente! la comida es espectacular, así también el servicio y los precios. muy recomendable. 6 yıl önce
    Really great place with good service :) 6 yıl önce
    The food was super delicious .. i recommend the sultan favorite and the staff is friendly .. but kunafe isn't perfect. i would come repeatedly. 6 yıl önce